The LORD'S DAY:                                                                                   

The WORD of GOD sets forth, both in the Old and New Testaments, that the people of God are to be a people of distinction amidst the surrounding culture…and that this distinction is to be expressed, among other places, in the context of the public meeting of the local church.  

The Conduct of our Meetings: 

While cultural and historical circumstances may have changed over the centuries, the nature of God whom we worship has not changed. Because that’s true, the people of God at Legacy endeavor to conduct our meetings in a way that is biblical, ordered, simplistic, and expresses an attitude of joyful reverence for the immense privilege of worshiping the Triune God through the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Our Observance of the Lord's Supper:

In view of the compelling evidence of a pattern of weekly observance of the Lord’s Supper in the New Testament, it is our joyful practice to observe this privileged ordinance every Lord's Day as well. 

"Teaching and Admonishing with Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs":

Scripture makes clear that singing that is fitting for the people of God is singing in which sound doctrine is set forth, and through which the church is admonished. Therefore, in our meetings, both music and hymns are understood to be important vehicles for the declaration of truth; and that above all else, they should be reverent and theologically precise, always restating the truths of Scripture plainly, faithfully and honorably.  

The Centrality of the Word of God:

Ultimately, the expository teaching of Scripture has the central place in our meetings because it is the ministry of the word of God through which the Holy Spirit works faith in the hearts of His people.

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