Legacy teaches Historical Evangelicalism and Calivinism


We are Expository in our Teaching:

We are committed to the systematic, expository teaching of Scripture. Expository teaching endeavors to employ careful interpretive principles intended to comprehend the God-intended meaning of Scripture, and to set forth that meaning in coherent terms for application to the Christian life. 

We are Monergistic in our Soteriology:

We teach that God has sovereignly predestined certain persons to life, and that He is pleased in His appointed time to effectually call such persons, by His Spirit through the gospel, out of the state of sin and death which they are in by nature, to grace and salvation in Jesus Christ. We teach that God independently effectually draws His elect to Jesus Christ, yet in such a way that they come absolutely freely, being made willing by His grace. This effectual call is of God's free and special grace alone, and is no way influenced by man, nor by anything foreseen in man. In fact, man is entirely dead in sins and trespasses until quickened and renewed by the Holy Spirit, and thereby enabled to respond to and embrace the overture of grace offered in the gospel message. 

We are Congregational in our Polity (With Plurality of Elders):

We believe Scripture teaches that each local congregation is to govern its own affairs autonomously, and that only two internal "offices" are prescribed for the oversight and care of the local church: 1) Elders; 2) Deacons. Further, we believe that oversight of the local church is entrusted to a "plurality of elders” defined as a biblically-qualified body of male leaders who exercise equal authority in the oversight of the local church. Subsequently, it is our conviction that the concept of the term "pastor" as an office of the local church is foreign to the New Testament. Rather, the term "pastor" expresses a fundamental shepherding function of the office of elder which exists in plurality.  

We are Gospel-Centered in our Ministry:

Legacy Baptist Church exists to glorify the Triune God of heaven through the faithful proclamation and evidencing of the gospel. To that end, we are committed to systematically teaching the Scriptures and to equipping one another toward the sacrificial exercise of works of service -- all "to the building up of the body of Christ". It is our desire to foster a greater collective embrace of sound Christian doctrine, and a deeper, more intimate knowledge of Jesus Christ by way of a steadfast commitment to the clear proclamation of God’s word.